The setup in my new den…

ballgames.jpgJust a quick post tonight…. I’ve moved into a new house recently, with an awesome den/office.

Here’s a picture I took from Tuesday night…. I was watching 7 games at once!

The Jays on my 47″ lcd and 6 other games on my pc monitor… logged into

Besides the Jays, I tend to watch alot of the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, Cubs & Dodgers games.

After all these years, I still say that Vin Scully is #1



  1. David Blattman

    What a great set-up! I do the same thing with my and television. This proves that you cannot get enough baseball. And I agree, Vin Scully is #1 but John Miller is a close 2nd. I also really like Michael Kay on the YES Network (Yankees). Keep up the good work!
    Check out my blog – “The Hot Corner” –

  2. jaysfan63

    Thanks David! Great blog you have there too!

    Yes, I like Jon Miller and Michael Kay too…. actually the Texas guys on FSN Southwest are growing on me as well

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