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Thuhhhhh Yankees winnnnnn!

Watched the stadium farewell last night and enjoyed every minute of it. As a Jays fan, it would be traitorous of me to say I’m a Yankee fan, and despite some shots I take at them from time to time all in good fun, I can’t say  I’m a Yankee hater either. I respect their place in baseball.

With that being said, here are my top 10 favourite things I llike about the Yankees in no particular order.

1. Roll call from the bleachers – that’s cool

2. Sparky Lyle – The Bronx Zoo was the first baseball book I ever read. Loved it.

3. Tony Kubek – too young to have seen him play, but he was one of my favourite game analysts of all time. And “Sixty One” to this day is my favourite baseball book of all time

4. Michael Kay – Didn’t particularly like him at first, but the guy has grown on me

5. John Sterling – because of the title of this thread

6. Lou Gehrig – Everybody talks about The Babe, but IMO Lou was the greatest

7. The Billy Martin & Reggie Jackson show – was always entertaining

8. George Steinbrenner – If only more owners showed his commitment to winning at all costs

9. Monument Park – no description necessary

10. Derek Jeter – a class act